Water System Description

Your Water System

The water system encompasses an area of approximately 5.25 square miles with about 3,300 connections serving approximately 10,560 people. The water system consists of four major pressure zones, 35 miles of water main, five wells, six pressure reducing stations, six interties with neighboring utilities, three reservoirs, two booster pump stations and 275 fire hydrants. The District has one treatment facility which filters out arsenic and hydrogen sulfide without the use of chemicals.

The wells have a pumping capability of 2,230 gallons per minute. One of the reservoirs is a 3.0 million gallon tank, which is jointly owned with the adjacent water district to the south. The other two reservoirs each have a capacity of 0.5 million gallons.

The water produced by the District’s wells is of superior taste and quality. Unlike many of the regional surface water systems, there are no chemicals added to the District’s water for disinfection purposes.


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