Certificate of Water or Sewer Availability

Developers requesting a Certificate of Water and/or Sewer Availability shall submit an Application for Certificate of Water or Sewer Availability form to the District, accompanied by an administrative fee. The written request shall provide the following information:

  • Legal description of the property requiring water and/or sewer service hookup
  • Proposed preliminary plat, planned area development, or other development plan
  • Legal name and address and ownership interest of the Developer or person to which the certificate is to be issued
  • Other information the District may require to determine the feasibility of providing service

Upon receipt of the Developer’s written request and administrative fee, the District shall determine the availability of the service being requested. The General Manager shall approve or deny the issuance of the cerfiticate for the requested service. Each certificate issued shall contain such conditions as the General Manager deems appropriate and terminate 12 months from the date of issue. The certificate is issued to the applicant.


Water and Sewer Extensions

Developers wishing to extend the District’s water or sewer system shall contact the District to initiate the process. The contractual terms and conditions for extending the sewer and water system are contained in the Water and Sewer Extension Documents adopted by the District and on file at the District office. These documents include the following:

  • Checklist for Constructing Extensions to Sewer and Water Systems
  • Application for Permission to Construct Extensions to the Water and Sewer Systems
  • Performance and Guarantee Bond for Developer Projects
  • Maintenance Bond
  • Design and Format Standards for Preparation of Developer Extension Construction Plans and Specifications
  • General Conditions for Extensions Constructed by Developers
  • Standards and Details for Constructing Extensions to the Sewer System
  • Standards and Details for Constructing Extensions to the Water System

Any person contemplating extension of the District’s water or sewer system is encouraged to review these documents.


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